The Top 6 Best Gifts For Arborists For Special Occasions

Oct 21st 2021

The Top 6 Best Gifts For Arborists For Special Occasions

Arborists are their own breed of human, so what are the best gifts for arborists?

Well the answer is you look at our guide on arborist gifts, of course! We are going to talk about the best gifts for tree climbers which will (hopefully) make him a happy tree person.

With a couple of exceptions, we are gonna be staying away from the more obvious arborist gear choices and talking more about things that will make him smile.

1. A Chainsaw Sharpening Kit

I know, I know, we said we weren’t gonna talk about tree climbing gear too much and right off the bat we are bringing up something that is work related.


A chainsaw sharpening kit is something that every tree climber needs though and they will likely need more than one. One thing that is nice about these kits is that they are pretty affordable, so if your budget is limited, it shouldn’t set you back too much.

If you are looking to make more of a statement with your gift though, you can get something nicer with more tools and a heavy duty case.

2. A Handmade Wooden Box

This is one you will need to think about a bit.

A lot of arborists really love wood and appreciate solid craftsmanship. Others may not really care that much about wood outside of work.

If the arborist in your life is one of those tree workers that loves those really high quality wooden goods, there are a lot of people that do amazing work out there hand crafting wooden boxes.

If you want to personalize your gift, there are folks out there like Gleason WoodWork who do custom carvings into beautiful wood boxes.

3. An Arborist Book By Jerry Beranek

One of the most respected people in the world of arboriculture is G.F. Beranek, or “Jerry” as a lot of tree people like to call him.

Mr. Beranek is seen by some as the Godfather of modern arboriculture.

The tree guy in your life may not be super stoked on an instructional book about tree work, but Jerry Beranek’s books are unique, showcasing jaw dropping photography, accompanied by stories and notes on the history of tree work.

Unfortunately G.F. Beranek’s most revered book, The Fundamentals Of Tree Work is now out of print and copies go for a pretty penny online (though it is available digitally here). He has at least two books that are much easier to find online, as well as DVD’s that he made about arborist work.

4. A New Rope Bag

Like chainsaw sharpeners, a really nice rope bag is something that goes beyond the typical arborist gear for work.

When shopping for themselves, dudes may not be willing to spend much money on a rope bag, but there are some really nice premium rope bags out there that would make for thoughtful gifts for tree climbers.

5. Carabiners For Arborists

If you are going to go for basic tree climbing gear, you really can never go wrong with carabiners as arborists really can never have too many.

You can get extra points by doing a little research on what brand of carabiner is his favorite. Brands like Edelrid make really nice carabiners that go beyond the typical tree climbing hardware.

6. A Gift Certificate

You may still be a bit overwhelmed. Maybe none of these gifts really spoke to you.

Gift certificates are always a solid fall back for people that are hard to shop for, especially if their interests are sort of niche based.

If you think about it, you really are getting them an experience that they probably really enjoy - a chance to shop around for exactly what they want.

We maybe would suggest a gift certificate from a great company like… cough cough… Pelican Rope.

If It’s The Thought That Counts, Show That You Are Thinking About Him

The old saying “It’s the thought that counts” really holds a lot of merit. Some people really use it as an explanation for crappy gift giving skills though.

What is most important is that you show that you put thought into the important people in your life and who they are. If you just go through the motions it will show.

The good news is that if you stumbled across our Gifts For Arborists guide, you already have obviously been putting some thought into the right gift for the tree climber in your life.