A. What are the recommendations for washing ropes?

Soap and warm water.  

In cases of known or suspected contamination, ropes may be disinfected with isopropyl or ethyl alcohol immersion. The CDC lists ethyl and isopropyl alcohol as being fully active as a virucidal agent for viruses such as the SARS-CoV-2, responsible for the COVID-19 disease.


1.  Immerse Rope 

Immerse rope in mild soap or detergent in room-temperature water (*if disinfecting, submerge in 70% ethyl or isopropyl alcohol solution for 2-3 minutes*).

2. Whisk Rope 

Whisk by hand across the entire length of the rope to ensure the soap or solution within the structure reaches every part.

3.  Rinse Rope

Rinse with clean water to remove the cleaning solution and any released material.

4.  Dry Rope  

Leave rope out to dry in ambient temperatures, preferably in a location with good airflow and out of direct sunlight, for a period of at least 24 hours or until no water can be wrung out under pressure applied by hand.

*The use of ethyl or isopropyl alcohol solution may have a mild impact on fiber tenacity. The number of applications to the same rope should be limited – any damage that can occur is worsened by increasing concentration, temperature, and exposure time.

B. What preemptive measures is Pelican Rope taking for its employees, customers and products?

We are keeping appropriate social distancing with our staff and customer interactions and are implementing the following:

1.  Following the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Guidelines

    • We have developed plans that align with the CDC recommendations that will allow us to respond in a timely manner to any changes or threats.
    • View CDC Guidelines here.

2.  Extra Precautions

    • Employees who are sick are being advised to stay home and seek proper medical care.
    • We are enforcing sanitization efforts and precautions in our warehouse and office.
    • We have implemented a remote work-from-home policy for our office workers.
    • We have added additional resources such as hand-sanitizer and disinfectant in our warehouse.  

C. How long does COVID-19 last on products and packaging?

The World Health Organization (WHO) advises the likelihood of an infected person contaminating commercial goods is low and the risk of catching the virus that causes COVID-19 from a package that has been moved, traveled, and exposed to different conditions and temperature is also low.

WHO has indicated that it is not certain how long the virus that causes COVID-19 survives on surfaces, but it seems to behave like other coronaviruses. 

Studies suggest that coronaviruses (including preliminary information on the COVID-19 virus) may persist on surfaces for a few hours or up to several days. This may vary under different conditions (e.g. type of surface, temperature or humidity of the environment).

D. I have more questions regarding Pelican Rope's COVID-19 procedures. Who should I connect with for more information?

Please contact Pelican Rope's customer service for specific questions. A customer care representative can be reached at 888-860-7673.